H5P content type “Combination Lock” published

There is a new content type that was just published. It allows you to create a virtual combination lock that users need to open. As an author, you cannot only use numbers for your secret combination, but also letters, symbols or even emojis if they make sense for your use case.

Combination Lock can be used on its own as a variant to a Fill in the Blanks question, but it’s main purpose it to be used as some form of access control. You could use it to track activity completion and restrict access to parts of a course in moodle, and it is also possible to integrate Combination Lock into other H5P content types such as Branching Scenario – but that will require the respective content type maintainer to include this new content type.

This content type was sponsored by Hochschule Hannover, Germany. If you need something similar or some other content type for H5P, feel free to reach out!