H5P content type development

So far, I have developed more than 25 brand new content types for H5P.  Most of them are openly and freely available, for instance Dictation, Crossword, or Jigsaw Puzzle.

Open availability will depend on the sponsor, of course, but I try to encourage sharing the content types by offering open source development at a lower hourly rate compared to what I charge for closed source development.

Also, I have contributed many improvements to existing H5P content types, both as a contractor and in my spare time in order to support the H5P project. Among those improvements are things like allowing users to optionally go backwards in Branching Scenario, enabling authors to add alternative solutions in Flashcards, or allowing to choose a color scheme for Interactive Book contents.

H5P Integration customization

H5P content types can be integrated in different ways on a large variety of platforms. Those H5P integrations (such as plugins for WordPress or Moodle) do not always do everything the way that you would want them to. In that case, I might be able to help.

I have created multiple custom solutions, for instance a custom H5P content management plugin for a German publishing company or allowing flexible state storage and retrieval on a node.js based learning platform in South-Korea. And I have ported the H5P OER Hub integration to the WordPress plugin in my free time.

H5P Consulting

If you understand consulting in a broad sense, you could call it sharing of knowledge. And I do that often and can provide you with advice on using H5P, too. I have experience with technological aspects, but also with pedagogy and organizational issues.

For instance, I help out on the H5P community forum in my spare time, I have build two openly licensed courses about using H5P for OERcamp, I regularly offer free ask-me-anything sessions at bar camps, I have helped an Indian development team to better understand H5P, and I am lending my knowledge to NDLA in Norway.