“Information Wall” now available on the H5P Hub

This week, H5P Group released the content type “Information Wall” on the H5P Hub. It’s a content type that was created as a friendly turn for a very specific purpose. For that reason, it may feel a little edgy – just in case you wonder why this or that has been designed this or that way.

The original idea simply was to allow listing staff members of a school. Each person’s list item should hold some structured information including a photo. It should be easy to add new information without having to bother with HTML editors – that seemed to often have messed up the layout. And it should be possible to have a consistent look when replacing photos – without the need to crop them to fit.

Then, some small extra features that felt useful were added. The most prominent one is the search box at the top that allows to filter the content. And that’s it. Now you have some kind of reversed Accordion that displays all your information initially but allows to it narrow down to relevant items.

It’s unlikely that this content type will be developed further on SNORDIAN’s initiative beyond regular maintenance, but the¬†openly licensed source code can be obtained from github: