H5P content type “Discrete Option Multiple Choice” published

There is a new H5P content type that was published last week. It allows you to use “Discrete Option Multiple Choice” (DOMC) quizzes that are supposed to have some advantages over their common counterparts. In particular, their are less prone to being solved by “test-wiseness” alone. As an author, you have a number of options to tune DOMC quizzes to your needs including showing or hiding the results and solutions, requiring the student to state their confidence in their answers, etc. You can find some more details on the “lab” page.

Discrete Option Multiple Choice can be used as a replacement for the normal Multiple Choice content type if you want to make those a little harder or just want some variation. Hopefully, H5P Group will find some time soon to release this new content type on the H5P Hub as well. Then you will not need to install it via this demo content type.

This content type was sponsored by Hochschule Hannover, Germany. If you need something similar or some other content type for H5P, feel free to reach out!